Your simple guide to Search Engine Optimised Content

Note: Did you read an introduction post to this guide? Make sure you do so if not, to get the bigger picture! 🙂

First of all and the most important to note:

If you want your content to be optimised for Search Engines – write for Human Beings!

You should write for people first and search engines second. This means that you should be focused more on creating good quality content that will engage your website’s visitors. Be assured that when you do so – search engines will recognise your efforts.

No more keyword stuffing!

The extra bonus of good quality content is that readers will share your work generating additional backlinks, not to mention extra traffic, and search engines will value your quality work because it will simply read well without too many enforced keywords all over the place!

Long gone are the times, when keyword stuffing was the way to go – overused phrases you want to rank for not only make the content hard to read for a visitor but also make it look like a spam or babbling for search engines! And they don’t like it just as much as a human reader wouldn’t!

You still want keywords in your content, but only as much as it’s needed for search engines to pick it up.

So remember – these days when you’re writing your content for humans, you are optimising it for search engines (more or less) same time! Now, more to the details:

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WordPress as a framework for all your SEO needs. Here’s why! (an introduction to guide)

Before I sat down and started to think about structuring this post for your reading pleasure, it came to my mind that maybe I should make it easy for myself and simply title this one as ‘WordPress is SEO friendly out of the box’, publish it and forget about it! That would more or less do the job! That’s it, as simple as that!

WordPress for all your SEO needsBut then again… it took a while since my last post (quite busy with website design in here!), so… once I have found some free time I may as well grow this post a bit bigger and point out few more facts for you about WordPress framework structure, and why it’s so damn good for all your SEO needs!

In my previous posts (Part 1 & Part 2) I have focused more about website design advantages and flexibility of WordPress framework and how this CMS finds itself comparing to other competitive website design frameworks on the market.

Today, let’s have a closer look on how WordPress approaches Search Engine Optimisation challenges that await anyone that wants to rank high on Google with their awesome blogging material, products or services! (don’t we all?) 🙂

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WordPress as a framework for your New Website Design. Here’s why! (Part 2)

In my previous post I have provided some basic statistics reports that show how well WordPress is performing in today’s website design world. Today I’m going to start featuring some more technical aspects and solutions of this Content Management System, functions and features that make working on web design a pleasure, and from the end user point of view (yes I mean you) – creating new posts / pages as easy as ‘ride in the park’.

Building Your Digital Strategy

Getting your new website designed is only one of the steps to strengthen your brand or establish your online connection with future partners and clients. One of the most important steps in keeping your website interesting is updating it with the latest news related to your business. This will not only bring more value for visitors but also will make your website feel ‘alive’.

Establishing a strong and evolving relationship with website visitors should be a major aspect of any Digital Marketing strategy.

From my point of view, and I believe you feel similar way, it’s not very inviting when I visit some website one day, find it interesting (or buy something I needed), come back after a while to see what’s going on in there now, just to find out it looks exactly the same last time I checked. That makes me wonder ‘do they even still exist’?

You have a new awesome product, tell your visitors about it! Something has changed within the company, let them know! You have moved your premises or grew bigger, make a post about it! Spice it all up a bit by adding some related images or graphics to catch an eye!

“Yea… easy to say… but I have no idea about web designing!” – did I just heard you thinking that? No, I’m not a psychic! That’s a perfectly normal reaction to something that ‘looks too hard to handle by myself’. Guess what… it’s not! Keep reading to find out how simple the process can be when using such an user friendly CMS as WordPress is!

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WordPress as a framework for your New Website Design. Here’s why! (Part 1)

As one of the Ireland’s leading web developing companies we are using many different platforms to deliver our work to clients, satisfying their needs and delivering results beyond expectations. Still, biggest portfolio of our designs is based on WordPress.

In this and most likely couple more following posts I will show you why.

Not so long ago for us web designers, and for you, soon-to-be well prospering new website owner, WordPress wasn’t a first choice to go with and use it as a tool to win your well deserved position in Google searches and rankings.

Even today, despite the fact that it should be long forgotten, for some, WordPress is still only considered as a platform to put their blog on.

Stay with me and I’ll explain why they are wrong with this judgement!

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