Are backlinks good for SEO?


People regularly ask us a certain question: ‘are backlinks good for SEO?’. It is a difficult question to answer. Some backlinks are good, but most are very bad.

The vast majority of backlinks are bad. This is because an SEO Company will actually be outsourcing this overseas, where they will be buying a link building package.

These backlinks are normally from sites that do nothing else but supply links to thousands of others sites around the world. These site have no credibility with Google and receive a negative score. These then become toxic links, which actually harm your performance with Google.

When you think about this, it makes perfect sense. How could an SEO company in Ireland or the UK provide you with an SEO Package that generates say 600 backlinks a month, for maybe as little as €300, if they were doing it in Ireland or the UK?

Each link would take at least 10 minutes to build, so let’s say six links per hour. At that rate, it would take 100 hours per month to deliver. This works out at €3 per hour for the service. As they say – when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

So are backlinks bad for SEO then?

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Kangen Water Finance Options

There are two options available for finance our range of Kangen Water Machines.

Option 1 is interest free finance provided by Enagic where there is a deposit paid and 10 monthly installments.

Option 2 is a bank load from AIB or Bank of Ireland. This means there is no deposit required and the installments can be smaller but spread over a longer period of time. In the examples provided below we are going to present this option over 3 years.

Enagic K8 Finance Options

k8 finance options



Enagic Finance
Straight Price               €4,374.40
Deposit                          €1,619.40
10 Monthly Payments   €288

AIB / Bank of Ireland Finance
Loan Amount               €4,400
36 Repayments of           €138.64



Enagic SD501 Platinum Finance Options

SD501 Platinum finance options



Enagic Finance
Straight Price                €3,604
Deposit                           €1,304
10 Monthly Payments    €240

AIB / Bank of Ireland Finance
Loan Amount                €3,600
36 Repayments of             €113.44



Enagic SD501 Finance Options

SD501 finance options



Enagic Finance
Straight Price               €3,342.20
Deposit                          €1,042.20
10 Monthly Payments    €240

AIB / Bank of Ireland Finance
Loan Amount              €3,350
36 Repayments of           €105.56



Enagic JRII Finance Options

JRII finance options



Enagic Finance
Straight Price               €2,033.20
Deposit                              €633.20
10 Monthly Payments     €150

AIB / Bank of Ireland Finance
Loan Amount               €2,000
36 Repayments of               €63.02

Why SEO is like the platypus

The good folks at Google seem to like P-words when it comes to naming new SEO algorithms. In particular, they like animal P-words. There’s already been Panda and Penguin, which were two real game-changers in how websites rank. We’re wondering what might come next.

Porcupine, perhaps. Or maybe Platypus. And it occurs to us that Platypus would be an extremely apt choice, because just as Search Engine Optimisation remains a mystery to many, so too did the evolution of the platypus baffle scientists for centuries.

Why SEO is like the platypus

In fact, according to National Geographic, when scientists were first presented with the carcass of a platypus a couple of centuries ago, they thought it was a hoax. It’s a bit like a duck, a bit like an otter, and a bit like a beaver, but all in all, it’s like nothing else on earth. It’s no wonder that people were dumbfounded.

Today, SEO is a bit like that. It needs a bit of this, a bit of that, and a bit of the other to function properly and deliver you the results you want. But you can’t just stitch those elements together in an ad hoc manner and hope to pull the wool over people’s eyes, the way those scientists suspected somebody was trying to do with them. Google is the most knowledgeable and most powerful scientist of them all, and will quickly see through that. Instead, like the platypus, SEO has to evolve organically and naturally.

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Avoid those nasty hidden costs with your website design

Hidden Costs ShockWhen you need to book a flight, you expect a big difference between business class and budget options – with all those nasty hidden costs – and the same can apply when it comes to developing your business online.

For example, one of our team members at New World Digital has a wife who’s due to travel with a colleague to the UK on a business trip next month. This week they arranged their transport, and used a budget airline. As we’ve come to expect with such carriers, the price they were first given was far removed from what they eventually ended up paying.

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Professional Web Design

Professional Web Design

Grow your business online and convert your traffic into sales. We specialise in high quality Professional Web Design and back-end functionality that captivates your target market and stimulates online engagement.

Why invest in Professional Web Design?

Professional Web Design is about creating a website that matches your brand identity, provides you with a representative platform for your product or service, and informs and engages your potential customers.

Just like in any field of service Professional Web Design can vary hugely in its standard and effectiveness. At New World Digital we pride ourselves on being dedicated to high quality and delivering excellent Professional Web Design to our customers which are easily adaptive to future changes and responsive across multiple devices.

Professional Web Design that Grows Your Business Online

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Top 5 tips for taking part in #icebucketchallenge

First of all a very big thank you to Woodford Dolmen Hotel and the Catering Innovation Agency for their very kind nominations. I will remember your generosity and look forward to returning the favour in the very near future.

It’s quite an experience and as you will see from the video we made quite a few mistakes while taking the #icebucketchallenge. So while we are moving a little bit away from our normal topics on our blog but we always try to be educational with our blogging so here are top 5 tips for taking part in the #icebucketchallenge

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Digital Marketing – Blood, Sweat & Tears – Just like the gym or running

About this time last year I decided to try and lose some weight and finally get myself fit. I went off and bought new sports gear, started to walk and then started to jog. Within a couple of weeks I was already feeling the benefits, I was feeling fitter, sleeping better at night, and even losing some weight.

Feeling full of confidence, and enthusiasm, I then signed up to do the Viking Half Marathon in Waterford. I had about 3 months to get myself in fighting shape, but as soon as I signed up I just stopped training.

There was no logical reason for this, I just stopped. However, I had already told people I was going to do the half marathon. So, in June last year I found myself on the starting line of the half marathon having completed the extensive training program of one 3 mile walk in three months.

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My Website Design Will Cost How Much ?*$%~!!!!

Recently we moved office and while the new office is fabulous, it hadn’t been used in a while and it needed a good clean.

We thought about doing it ourselves but we were just too busy. So we rang a contract cleaning company who we do the digital marketing for and asked them for a quote.

Now, I had figured there was about a day’s work to give the new office a good clean and get everything ship shape. On that basis I had a price in my head. When I got my quotation for cleaning it came in at over three times the price I had in my head.

Now my first initial reaction was no way, how can it cost that much to clean the office. I will do it myself or get one of the staff to do it.

Then I spoke to the cleaning company and they explained their quotation. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I quickly realised that the price was actually very good value for money. And why I hear you ask, did I suddenly change my mind?

They explained to me what actually needed to be done. In my ignorance as to what is involved to properly clean an office I had totally underestimated the amount of work involved.

The time needed to clean the windows (inside and out) was longer than the total time I had allocated to cleaning the whole office. This was before they actually cleaned the offices, boardroom, bathrooms & kitchen.

I quickly realised that it would actually take us 3 – 4 days to clean the office properly.

If I was to pay my staff to clean the office or do it myself, it would cost me an awful lot more than if we paid professionals to do it and what’s more it still would be an amateur job.

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Top 10 Questions to ask your Web Design Company

The decision to get a new website design for your company is a big one and the most important part is choosing the right website design company. Based on our extensive experience of designing websites these are in our opinion the 10 questions that every customer should ask before they buy a website from a Web Design Company.

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