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The background

360 Fitness, based in Kilkenny, provides personal training and health coaching to people of all ages and all levels of fitness.

Owner/operator Ciarán Clear prides himself on finding the right work programme and motivation for everybody. He wanted a website design Kilkenny that would properly portray his ethos and the training programmes he provides, and so he called us in. We eagerly got to work.

What we did

We analysed the client’s existing website, and identified areas from improvement. This included both content and SEO considerations. We also surveyed the local area competition in terms of gyms and personal trainers, to properly identify a unique marketing message for his new web design. We formulated a plan and agreed it with the client.

Our client had engaged his own copywriter for text content on this project. He supplied us with text that was comprehensive but not optimised for SEO purposes.

Our own copywriter therefore edited it with this in mind. Once we agreed on the revised content, our designer got to work.

The website design and build

In line with the client’s wishes, this website design has a very text-oriented home page, rather than the graphic-led style we usually produce.  It works well in this application, as it immediately and effectively portrays the USPs of 360 Fitness.

Our designer then introduced photos and graphics further down the home page, to make things more attractive. He did the same on internal pages, placing prominent and regular ‘call to action’ buttons throughout the regular text content. This produced a series of pages that actively speak to prospective clients, and that maximise the number of leads they generate.

Technical improvements over the client’s previous website included a security upgrade, and a number of changes to deliver a quicker loading speed on both desktop and mobile versions of the website. Both are important SEO ranking factors as well as just general good practice.

We also performed in-depth SEO at all levels, at both front end and back end of the site. The result is a website that ranks number 1 for ‘Fitness Training Kilkenny’ and number 2 for ‘Personal Training Kilkenny’. It also features on Page 1 of Google for the more competitive term ‘gyms Kilkenny’.

Our client was delighted with all we produced. You can see why by checking out the site yourself at

Summary – Digital Marketing Services provided

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Website Design Ireland – Complete Vehicle Solutions

Complete Vehicle Solutions

The background

This project was an extensive re-build of the website of an existing client, Complete Vehicle Solutions.

Complete Vehicle Solutions are a unique service provider in meeting commercial transport needs in Ireland. Based in Dublin they are the only operator who will source and supply a client with a van or truck, fit it out exactly as required with shelving and/or refrigeration units, and provide a range of finance options including contract hire, leasing, and outright purchase.

The business was established only in 2016, with a basic ‘start-up’ website. It enjoyed phenomenal growth in its first year – so much so, that the client returned to us for a more comprehensive and ‘professional’ website. We were happy to oblige.

What we did

We engaged with the client to learn how the business had grown since we built the original site. We conducted further market research to help formulate an SEO strategy, and we agreed this with the client.

Our senior copywriter then produced updated text content for the site, and we sourced images from both the client and selected partners.

Once we agreed the content and outline plan with the client, our design team got to work.

The website design and build

We got rid of the old ‘basic’ look, and introduced e a far sleeker and more corporate website design.

A key feature of the home page is strategic placing of dynamic graphics and links, to lead the user to content reflecting the key elements of the client’s business. Text snippets on the home page reinforce how Complete Vehicle Solutions is unique, and the benefits of dealing with them. We also strategically used of the logos of major clients, and of the makes of vans/trucks supplied.

We laid out internal pages in an equally attractive and strategic manner. We interspersed text content with images, headings, and bullet points, for a better user experience. A common sidebar and ‘floating’ head means all links are in easy reach at all times. We included clear calls to action, and easy means to access the contact form.

Our client was delighted with the results. You can see why by viewing the finished site here.

Summary – Digital Marketing Services provided

You can see the finished site at

Website Design UK – A Sparkle Party

A Sparkle Party

The background

A Sparkle Party is an entertainment provider for children’s birthday parties and similar events. They are based in Sutton in the UK and they serve the greater Surrey area.

A Sparkle Party deliver colourful fun-filled parties, tailor-made for each child, but an existing website did not properly portray that. Instead, it suffered from poor design, and generally looked stale. Its other major issue was that it did not rank highly for any key search terms. They asked us to help.

What we did

We performed our customary market research to analyse the size of the potential market. In consultation with the client, and bearing in mind the current size of the operation, we determined to concentrate mainly on the Sutton area for SEO purposes, rather than broadening it to all of Surrey or Greater London.

We then re-wrote all content on the older site according to best SEO practice, while still making it attractive to parents and children alike. The client approved the new content, and we then moved on to the build itself.

The Website Design and build

Visual aesthetics are particularly important in any website with children in mind, so we paid great attention to making the site look as attractive as possible.

We supplemented photos from the client with stock photos of favourite children’s TV, film, and storybook characters for A Sparkle Party. We also sourced other imagery to add to the overall look.

Then we built the site so that it easy to navigate. We give all info needed on any particular party option on that particular page, to save the user from having to browse between pages to get all the detail they require. And as with all our website designs, it is fully responsive for smaller screens such as phones and tablets.

We also carried out extensive SEO work on each page and image. The result was that immediately after re-launch, ranked in the top 5 of for search terms including ‘children’s parties Sutton’, ‘birthday parties Sutton’, and ‘princess parties Sutton’.

Our client was delighted with the new site, and customers have given positive feedback to the site too.

Summary – Digital Marketing Services provided

You can view the finished website at A Sparkle Party

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How SEO takes time to get results

SEO takes time

The team at New World Digital have learned to expect our top man, John Abbott, to be a little sore in the mornings.

That’s not sore as in angry. It’s sore as in actual physical pain. It’s because John has recently started a personal training plan, in what he admits is his first regular exercise in about 25 years.

A couple of times a week, he’s up at some unearthly hour to meet his trainer, Ciarán Clear of 360 Fitness in Kilkenny. There, he gets pushed through a routine of stretches and sit-ups and weight training and other things he generously calls ‘hell’. It all means that by the time he gets to the office, he’s stiff, sore, and sometimes wondering why he’s doing it at all.

He’s sticking with it though, as he knows it will pay off in the long run. He’s realistic enough to know that you can’t start exercising and expect to see results in the first few weeks. And that’s a lesson that also applies to something we all do here each day – Search Engine Optimisation as part of website design and digital marketing strategy formulation.

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