How SEO takes time to get results

SEO takes time

The team at New World Digital have learned to expect our top man, John Abbott, to be a little sore in the mornings.

That’s not sore as in angry. It’s sore as in actual physical pain. It’s because John has recently started a personal training plan, in what he admits is his first regular exercise in about 25 years.

A couple of times a week, he’s up at some unearthly hour to meet his trainer, Ciarán Clear of 360 Fitness in Kilkenny. There, he gets pushed through a routine of stretches and sit-ups and weight training and other things he generously calls ‘hell’. It all means that by the time he gets to the office, he’s stiff, sore, and sometimes wondering why he’s doing it at all.

He’s sticking with it though, as he knows it will pay off in the long run. He’s realistic enough to know that you can’t start exercising and expect to see results in the first few weeks. And that’s a lesson that also applies to something we all do here each day – Search Engine Optimisation as part of website design and digital marketing strategy formulation.

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