5 Tips for Posting Killer Not Filler Content for Your Social Media

How to write a good postStarting out on your Social Media journey? If yes you are probably sitting there, scratching your head what to write and post. You have done your research and nearly every business in existence is utilising Social Media. You want to be part of the trend and not get left behind!

Two very important things to note and in Marketing terms they are going to be the most important things you will learn about Social Media for your business. 1) Social Media is not the magic Silver Bullet and 2) it’s another Marketing platform but is different in the sense that it’s ‘Social’. On this premise, for your brand to be successful on Social Media you need to put in the work and have a strategy that will deliver results.

Your main aim on Social Media is to build brand awareness and serve as a platform to drive sales/leads. If you focus too much on the latter, you have lost the point of marketing on Social Media and are doomed to fail. Building Brand Awareness on Social Media is dependent on engagement with your community. To achieve this creating Killer Content is not only important, it’s significant!

Here are 5 tips for Posting Content that will engage your audience

1) Visual Rich Imagery

People love pictures and most importantly people will share images. Pictures capture a moment and they will captivate your audience. Post rich images that will engage your audience and capture their imagination. Remember to be inventive and be creative. Give people a sneak behind the scenes of your business or post a picture to offer a reward for the best caption. You can also encourage fans to send images that incorporate your product/brand. Ensure that your brand is placed on the image to ensure visibility when shared.

2) Crowdsourcing

Ask your Social Media community questions and ideas. Crowdsourcing is the ultimate market research tool. Social Media allows a greater degree of control amongst your customers in comparison to offline methods. The information garnered from Crowdsourcing can help shape marketing campaigns, generate new product ideas, offer improvements to existing products, measure the success of marketing campaigns etc.

3) Be Human, Be Personal

Social Media creates the opportunity for people to step out from behind a brand and create a personal relationship with their customers. Your Social Media audience want to relate to your brand on a human level. Being more human will increase engagement and ensure brand awareness. Post up images/short biographies of people in your business and sign off in the individual’s name who is posting on Social Media. This create trust with the customer and develop a long-term loyalty with your brand.

4) Reward People

You’re loyal Social Media audience loved to be rewarded and what a nice way it is to express gratitude for their continued support. Always remember when you reward a loyal customer they will act as an ambassador and help spread your brand message. On your Social Media channels host competitions, offer exclusive offers, involve them in your advertising activities etc.

5) Be Structured and Consistent

In comparison to traditional marketing platforms Social Media is an on-going real time effort. Most businesses tend to have the ‘spray and pray’ attitude to posting content on Social Media. Inconsistent posting will have a negative impact on your Social Media reach and engagement. Make sure to plan your Social Media activities with goals to achieve. Once you have set out Social Media plan, structure your posts and post on a consistent basis. Working on this basis will increase your Social Media engagement and reach therefore increasing your brand visibility.

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